AstroJaWil – english version

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Create Date 4 lipca 2015
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I invite you to use my astronomical application. I started to write AstroJaWil in 2002 and since then I continue to extend its capabilities. Originally the software was created in Polish, but at the end of 2010 I decided to translate it in English so that the astronomy enthusiasts can use AstroJaWil all over the World. Now the program works in English, but you can set the display of names of planets, constellations, weekdays, months in other languages. There are several languages to choose, but anyone can add another one. Of course I realize that I made many mistakes in the translation. However, the current version of the program is an evaluation one, which I hope you will test and send me a list of mistakes to improve the program. Despite the linguistic mistakes, the calculation procedures and map preparation algorithms are already reliable. The program is and will be free. Anyone who wants to use AstroJaWil will be able to use it to get the satisfaction from the knowledge of what is seen in the sky.