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Parę rad od kolegi z Ameryki
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Autor:  Krzysztof Pomietło [ czwartek, 2 czerwca 2016, 09:47 ]
Tytuł:  Parę rad od kolegi z Ameryki


Parę rad od gościa z międzynarodowego forum astronomicznego (
Planowałem wyjazd na własną rękę ponieważ nie byłem pewny czy się załapie na naszą wyprawę ;)

I can't help you personally with accommodations but you might try this:

This is the number one location to see the eclipse when considering weather. The website is for a county fairgrounds where there is camping. They can also arrange for you to rent an RV. It will not be cheap, though. They are planning a four or five day event with a music festival, and they say NASA will bring in a large screen to project the eclipse.

All hotels and other campgrounds within at least 50 miles of there have been booked for a year already. We booked two weeks ago at this place but we have RVs.

You can contact Sandy, who is the person who handles the campground reservations, at this email:

Good choice. I hope you have a great trip. There is lots of history and plenty to see up there — try to get to Yellowstone if you can (But not the first weekend in September. That's one of the biggest American holidays, and the traditional end of summer, so everyone is making a last holiday trip for the year. Yellowstone will be overrun with people then.) Another side-trip choice would be the Black Hills in South Dakota, to see Mt. Rushmore and the gold mining towns around there. Beautiful.

You'll have a great time.  Don't try to do too much. More time in fewer places is best. Just remember this: America is a whole continent. For example, driving from Casper, Wyoming to, say, San Francisco, is about the same distance as driving from Warsaw to Rome.

If you need any advice on specific things to see, feel free to ask.

może są to banały ale np otrzymałem dobrą radę by do parku yellowstone nie jechać pod koniec sierpnia bo pół ameryki tam będzie:)
z gosciem na bieżąco mailuję, jak wpadnie coś jeszcze ciekawego to tu wrzucę

Autor:  Marek Substyk [ czwartek, 2 czerwca 2016, 10:16 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Parę rad od kolegi z Ameryki

Widzę, że rady są dość ogólnikowe, ale każda wskazówka jest cenna.
W tej chwili Paweł, który nam współorganizuje pobyt wysłał mi zapytanie o miejsca, które chcemy zobaczyć. Wiadomo, że musimy znaleźć się w pasie zaćmienia w jego dniu i to jest główny cel.
Reszta jak Yellowstone czy inne parki to tylko dodatek.

Na pewno wszystkiego nie zobaczymy i nie zatrzymamy się przy wielu ciekawych atrakcjach. Niestety musimy wiele miejsc ominąć, a wybrać tylko te najciekawsze.
Nasz wstępna mapa, na której każdy może coś zaproponować jest na ... fSwY8R7ND4

Autor:  Krzysztof Pomietło [ piątek, 3 czerwca 2016, 09:19 ]
Tytuł:  Re: Parę rad od kolegi z Ameryki

Well, empty by some standards, not by others. I love what we call the high desert (high as in altitude, 1.5 km and higher). To stand atop a rise, with the smell of the sage in your nose and the sound of the wind in your ears, and to look 150 km into the distance and see no sign of humanity, is energizing. When you drive across Wyoming or Montana and see a thunder cloud rising 8 km into the air, and you can watch it for an hour as you drive along, you gain a new understanding of space. The motto of Montana is "Big Sky Country."

The best way to see the country is to stay off the interstate highways, taking the secondary roads. Pull into a small town at 6 a.m. Find the cafe with the beat up pickup trucks parked in front and that's where the local ranchers are gathering for breakfast. Stop in, talk to them and pick up some local culture.

But time is your enemy. Not knowing where you want to go, it's hard to make recommendations. With only two weeks, you won't have all that much time, and if you want to also visit a large city, you'll need to allow travel time. Some professionals I know say that if a trip can be done in a car in 6 hours or less, drive. More than that, fly.

My guess is that you'd fly in through Denver, then to Casper. You might just limit your visit to Wyoming and Colorado. The Rocky Mountains are America's highest, and you can drive up to 3300 meters for some very clean skies west of Denver. I'd look for an astronomy club in Denver and see what you might arrange with them. I see that there is the Denver Astronomical Society, with access to a 20-inch refractor:   . But I don't know any more about them than what's on their website.

If you should be in the San Francisco area, you should visit the Lick Observatory. I don't know if you can get inside one of the domes, but I think in the past people have been allowed to look through the original 91cm refractor built in 1888. You'd have to arrange this in advance. But San Francisco might be out of range considering your time available.

pyt. //// Can you give me a good place/adress for night observations? I mean good dark sky far away from city lights. Maybe there is special prepared place for astronomy's fans.////

Well, there aren't large cities in Wyoming so if you have your own gear you should be able to get away from lights fairly easily. Trees might be another issue, but there will be fields with good views.  You probably already know about the Casper Astronomical Society:

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